Hear & Be Heard: Introduction to Compassionate Communication

Woensdag 27 november 2019 19.00-21.15u

By Jocelyn Ames:

Have you ever tried to speak up to make it better, only to make it worse?
How often have you lost connection with someone because of misunderstandings and judgments?
Would you rather be able to listen to others and express yourself in a way that brings you closer together?

Compassion, honesty, understanding, connection…

…we all long for it, but let’s face it – it’s not always so easy!

In this workshop, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘Nonviolent Communication’, I will introduce principles and practices to support you in developing compassionate understanding for yourself and others.

We will be exploring skills and tools for …
– keeping your heart open to the human longings behind each other’s words, even during conflict
– expressing yourself fully and honestly (and still be heard!)
– going beyond ideas of rightness and wrongness and turning conflict into connection

19:00 – 21:15
Please arrive by 18:45 so you have time to get settled and we can all start on time at 7pm

This workshop will be offered in English with occasional translation to Dutch if it is necessary.

Email Jocelyn)  at amesjocelyn@gmail.com

I most enjoy to trust in the economy of ‘joyful giving and receiving to support each other’s well-being’. I offer this workshop because I find it meaningful to contribute to a world of peaceful, interdependent, trusting communities. And at the end of the workshop you will have an opportunity to give a monetary gift to support me to continue doing the work I love to do. I will share details of what support I need, and will enjoy receiving whatever is sustainable and joyful for you to give.

For administration you pay a small amount  for the room in advance (4,70 euro (incl BTW))

About Jocelyln Ames:

Jocelyn: “I’m excited about the potential of communities based on honesty and empathy to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world. With a passion for sharing skills, tools and ideas for a life-serving collaborative culture to emerge, I offer workshops and courses, 1-on-1 empathy sessions and mediations based on Nonviolent Communication. You can read more about me and my offerings at www.becomingtogether.net.”